Social Media Management for surgeons

Social media is, of course, one of the most key aspects of promoting yourself and your skillset, however it’s now become the most common way of potential patients performing a ‘background check’. For your social media to have the most impact in terms of looking trustworthy it must be constantly updated with new posts being added on a weekly basis.

This is why we offer social media management as part of our marketing services to ensure your online presence looks as trustworthy as possible to potential patients. For this, we are able to create and manage any social media accounts including (but not limited to) LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. We usually recommend a status per week that would be interesting to your target audience, therefore this could be anything in relation to the work you do whether it’s a news article or a post about something you’ve been up to.

Social Media Management for Surgeons

Social Media Services for Surgeons

Social media is such a vast world so we can take care of every aspect for you, from creating your social media profiles to providing them with ongoing content.

Build Trust & Inform with your Social Profiles

As briefly mentioned above, social media has become less of a platform to simply just appear on. It’s now the number one resource that any potential client uses in order to run their own personal ‘background check’, if you will. This is even more the case for surgeons since there’s of course a level of trust that has to be built between you and the patient, and they will naturally check every resource online. So the key thing is that if you have any social media presence online then that account/profile must be kept up to date because there’s nothing less trustworthy to a modern audience than a social media page which is dormant. The best thing to do is either completely remove the profile (which we wouldn’t advise!) or look to ensure constant, valuable content is being added on a regular basis to each platform you are listed on.

Why Work With Us?

  • Have your own dedicated social media team

  • Be able to to change your ongoing content with ease

  • Create bespoke social media advertisements to showcase you or your practice.

Social Media Service for Surgeons

Want us to manage your social media?

If this all sounds of interest then please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be glad to assist.