Marketing for Surgeons and Medical Professionals

If you are a surgeon or other medical professional, we offer a range of professional marketing solutions to help promote you and your services to patients and customers across the UK.


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Here at Surgi Marketing we specialise within the medical industry to help surgeons and all medical professionals promote their skills and services through the creation of websites, graphic design, videos and a range of online services to inform and attract audiences nationally and internationally.


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We provide an array of marketing services for surgeons and medical professionals which are all categorised within one of the following three headings, website creation, graphic design and video production. Under each of these headings we provide a wide range of services including SEO, email marketing, social media management and much more.

Marketing Services for the medical industry

Our range of services allow any medical professional or company to effectively market their products and services to patients and customers both nationally and internationally. Whether it’s a promotional website, leaflets to hand out at events or a series of product videos to inform potential customers – we have the solution to make all of your marketing content stand out.

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Our guarantee for every client:

  • A professional service with top-quality results.

  • Years of medical industry marketing experience.

  • The ability to continually maintain and update your content.

  • A personal and professional customer service for peace of mind.

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As a private medical professional it can be imperative to ensure all of your qualifications and accolades are listed on your own website to promote full transparency for your patients and. Whatever you want your website to do, we’re here to help. The most challenging aspect of having a website is firstly ensuring it serves the correct purpose and secondly making sure it stands out online amongst the millions of other websites out there. We have the experience and skills to ensure your website fulfils its purpose, ranks in search engines and looks professional.

Websites for Surgeons and Medical Suppliers

As a surgeon or a medical professional there comes a time when you need some form of print marketing, usually when an upcoming event arises and you find yourself needing business cards, banners, leaflets and a whole host of other marketing materials. This is where our graphic design service steps in, we take care of all of the hard work and design top-quality, professional designs which we will ensure are printed on the best materials for their purpose. Or perhaps you want to start sending marketing emails? This also falls under our graphic design service where we design you a bespoke email which can be sent to clients and then easily monitored online for stats and figures of who opened the email etc.

Graphics for Surgeons and Medical Suppliers

Video is one of the most powerful forms of marketing available to the medical industry to both promote your service and inform your audience. Did you know that YouTube is the worlds second biggest search engine (behind google) and has over 1 billion users? This is market you could be tapping into with the right type of video for your cause, whether it’s a promotional advert or an entire online information video series. The possibilities with video are endless and the results proving the power of video cannot be overlooked and is why we offer video production to surgeons and medical professionals across the UK.